MAURITIUS HOW TO FIND WORK AND LIVELiving and working in Mauritius

Mauritius is an African state in the Indian Ocean, about 1.000 km from Madagascar. The capital is Port-Louis. Besides the main island of the same name, other islands belong to the archipelago.

Mauritius enjoys a wonderful tropical climate, the island is dotted with palm trees of all kinds, coconuts and other fruits. The beaches are beautiful and the sea offers huge coral reefs. It is a paradise resort with a legendary charm.

The population is composed of various ethnic groups: Indians, Africans, Chinese and Europeans. The culture of the country reflects the diversity of ethnic groups: different religions, different cuisines, different music and folklore: this mixture of different cultures makes the atmosphere in Mauricio unique in the world.

The language (Mauritian Creole) is derived from French and is spoken by the majority of the population and is considered the native language of the country. English is generally the official language and is used in government offices and businesses.

Mauritius has one of the most prosperous and competitive economies on the entire African continent. The country consistently ranks among the top in Africa in terms of democracy, investment climate and good governance. GDP per capita is $10,000, one of the highest in Africa. In the past, the economy depended only on sugar production. However, a diversified economy has now developed, based on financial services, tourism, IT, agriculture and fishing.

Health care is good and free in the public hospitals, but the private clinics are expensive. Health insurance is recommended in any case. Security conditions are generally good, but petty crime (pickpocketing, muggings, etc.) can be a problem.

Speaking of work, it is obvious that, except for some very specialized jobs or in tourism, it is extremely difficult to find employment on the island. Most foreigners living in Mauritius have a business.

To live in Mauritius you need to obtain a residence permit and apply for tax residency, there are several ways to do this:

1.Living in Mauritius, buying a property or apartment for more than $500,000

When buying a property for more than $500,000, a foreigner can apply for a permanent residence permit. This gives you the right to tax residency in Mauritius.

This permit remains valid as long as the buyer remains the owner of his property. Upon resale of the property, the residence permit expires immediately.

2.Living in Mauritius, exercising the profession

It is possible to move to Mauritius as a professional, (doctor, dentist, etc.), which will give you a residence permit

For this it is necessary:

  • Invest $30.000 in Mauritius in your own business
  • Obtain permits to practice the profession
  • Meet a number of criteria, e.g., not have a criminal record, have a minimum annual turnover, etc.

3.Living and investing in Mauritius

Foreigners have had the right to own 100% of the share capital of a company. When establishing a company in Mauritius, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit.

It is required for this purpose:

  • Invest at least $100,000 in the business
  • Have a minimum turnover of Rs 4,000,000 (approx. $90,000) per year
  • Meet certain requirements, e.g., not have a criminal record, pass medical examinations, etc.

4.Living as a pensioner on Mauritius

Now it is possible for a foreigner to retire in Mauritius. To do so, it is sufficient to transfer the pension to a bank account in Mauritius, which must have a minimum amount of $25,000 per year.

If a foreigner obtains a residence permit in Mauritius, his spouse and dependent children can also obtain a residence permit.

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