An internship in agriculture, especially fruit picking abroad, can be of great benefit:

  • as a personal experience to visit a country, learn the language and improve your resume at the same time
  • be used as a starting point for a move to another country. In most cases, it is possible to find these jobs from your country, so it is much easier to move to a country whose language you do not know and where you do not know anyone.
  • working in agriculture, if you are passionate about it, could become a permanent profession

It must be said that the work in agriculture is very hard, you start early in the morning and you work even if it is very hot or cold. But it must also be said that you can enjoy the contact with nature, which has been lost in the city. Also, you have the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world.

Anyone over the age of 18 can work in agriculture. No previous experience is necessary, but those who already have experience have an advantage.

Language skills are usually not a big problem, basic English is enough to work. Remember that in most cases accommodation is included.

You can use the websites listed below to search for these jobs:

General websites

I would first like to draw your attention to the following  WWOOF, (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This is a worldwide movement that matches volunteers with organic farmers and growers. In exchange for their work, usually 4/5 hours per day, volunteers receive room and board, have the opportunity to learn the language and experience new things in agriculture and other fields. There is a fee for the assignment. You have to pay a registration fee for each country.

National websites


  • Fruitpickingjobs, website with job offers, in the agricultural sector
  • Jobsearch, official website of the Australian government, with job offers in the agricultural sector


  • Agrojob, website with permanent and temporary job offers


  • Anefa, website with job offers, in the agricultural sector


  • Mapjob, website with job offers, in the agricultural sector

United Kingdom

  • 4xtrahands, offering jobs in the agricultural sector,
  • HOPS, British agency for the recruitment of seasonal agricultural workers
  • Fruitfuljobs, website with job opportunities in the fruit harvesting sector in the UK
  • Haygrove, companiy in the UK and  other countries around the world, opportunità for seasonal and permanent employment
  • G’S, mayor UK fruit and vegetable company
  • IFC, job opportunity with accommodation
  • Bell Brothers Nurseries, UK floriculture company, job opportunity for temporary or permanent employment


New Zealand

  • Picknz, website with job offers  in the agricultural sector

PortugalHaygrove, job offers, seasonal or permanent, in agriculture


  • Anecoop, federation of Spanish fruit and vegetable producer cooperatives, with offices in other countries around the world

South Africa

  • Agri Staff, website with job opportunities in the agricultural sector, prior registration


  • Agriviva offers agricultural jobs in Switzerland. In this case, workers receive room and board as well as a small financial reward. To access this offers one must be an EU citizen and not  older than 25 years of age.

Fruit picking, strawberries

In England there is also the possibility of picking strawberries. The picking season is from April to October. Salary and housing are negotiated with the farmer, noting that the legal minimum wage is £9.50/hour (which decreases slightly depending on age). You can search for jobs on any English-language website by entering “strawberry picking” as a keyword

  • Kelseyfarms, a farm in Kent, where you can pick fruit, (strawberries, raspberries, etc.)
  • Edward Vinson, another big British company producing strawberries, raspberries, etc.

Denmark offers seasonal jobs as strawberry pickers, for which you must know at least a little English. The harvest season lasts from mid-May to August. The work day usually starts early in the morning. Usually at 5:00 am and lasts about 6-8 hours six days a week. The wage is about 1,00 €/kg (gross). On average, 15 kilos can be collected per hour. Experienced people can even reach 40 kilos in an hour. Much depends on the size, degree of ripeness, number of rotten strawberries, etc.

As for accommodation, in summer you have to sleep in tents, which in most cases you have to bring from home, in winter employers can provide accommodation (for a fee). The owners of the farms provide shared bathrooms and kitchens.

Picking strawberries in Finland

  • Alanteen Tila,picking of fruit harvest from early May to late October for 140 people. High season is in July-August

Picking strawberries in the Netherlands

  • Framori, a big farm producing strawberries

I would like to point out two other international websites that might be of interest to you: Workaway and Helpx, you can find farms, families, B&Bs, hostels, etc. that offer room and board in exchange for your farm work, and not only that. Normally you have to work 4/5 hours a day.

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