When we talk about living and working in Senegal, we mean primarily life in Dakar, because that is where most of the foreigners present in the country live and work. Senegal is located in the western part of the African continent and has almost 17 million inhabitants, of which about 4 million live in the capital, Dakar.

Living in Senegal

Since Senegal was a French colony for a long time, the transalpine language is the official language of the country. So if you know French, you will have no problems in daily life.

Traffic, as in all metropolises of the world, is chaotic, but fortunately in Dakar it is not necessary to own and drive a car, because everyone can use the ubiquitous cabs that travel around the city at any time and at affordable prices. .

As mentioned earlier, the population of Dakar is about 4 million. To this must be added the huge number stray dogs. The people of Dakar are generally friendly and accommodating; Senegal is a land of teranga, which means hospitality. As soon as you enter the country, it is not uncommon to encounter immigration officials who start chatting and joking with you. Most citizens are poor, many are struggling, but that does not stop them from having fun, drinking something with friends and playing soccer in company to be happy.

Although almost the entire population is Muslim, Senegal stands out among many other Islamic countries for its great tolerance of other religions. It is even common for people belonging to different religions to live together. It is a free society. Unlike other Muslim countries, women are educated and respected.

Many people from neighboring African countries move to Senegal to live and work. There is a large foreign community in Dakar. Many Guineans, Malians, but also many Europeans (especially French).

In Senegal, as in all poor countries, wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, and the problems caused by this kind of inequality are reflected in the area of security. Thefts and vandalism have increased alarmingly in recent years. However, Dakar is still a very safe city if you don’t go to dangerous places and follow the basic rules.

On the other hand, the climate is really exceptional with temperatures between 22°C and 28 °C during most of the year. Living in Senegal is extremely pleasant.

Working in Senegal

In terms of job and business opportunities, Senegal is a very interesting destination, a gateway to the African continent. The country’s economy was growing at an annual rate of 7-8% prior to Covid, and the largest supply of jobs is concentrated in the capital. The agriculture, tourism, industry, and information technology sectors are an important part of Dakar’s economy and provide expatriates with numerous employment opportunities.

The agricultural sector, which is undoubtedly the country’s main source of employment, is struggling due to outdated infrastructure and machinery.

You could be one of the first to arrive here, and when the futuristic Diamniadio city is ready, you could take advantage of the opportunities. Diamniadio Lake City is part of the government’s plan to reduce population pressure on Dakar and revitalize the Senegalese economy. The new city is located about 30 km from Dakar. It will include residential areas and areas for businesses, financial centers, hotels, fashion centers, conference rooms, etc.

The project is estimated to cost $2 billion and cover about 1650 acres. Construction is estimated to take 10 years and is expected to be completed before 2035.

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